Having a small kitchen does not have to be a problem as long as it is first and foremost functional. Virtually everyone suffers the consequences of a small kitchen. We are overwhelmed in it even though we do not have to cook, we are not comfortable inside and that can not be because it is a place in our house where we must spend time, either too much or too little. And therefore it is essential to adapt, improve or adapt the kitchen so that the time we spend in it is pleasant and it becomes a successful place in our house. Of course, saying that seems easy, and it is. It only takes imagination and take advantage of any method that makes our kitchen a pleasant place to be.

That said, we have prepared 20 ideas to improve a small kitchen so you can take note and inspire yourself to improve yours. Let’s see them

Install a storage system. It does not have to be expensive, we can do it ourselves. Simply find a place where we can install and do it. On the wall, on the furniture or on the ceiling if necessary.

If you do not have furniture at the top. You can consider the option of installing some cabinets. These will make the kitchen more reduced but well decorated will be great and most importantly, the storage space that we provide, is priceless.
If we have a dead space and do not need any supplement to store, we can create a cozy space, it can be an office or a corner to lie down. This will make the kitchen a much more comfortable place in which we want to spend more time.
If we have the integrated kitchen in the living room type kitchen, we can delimit it using paint.
Whenever possible, if we have a small kitchen, the best furniture designed specifically for that kitchen. These will occupy just the right space offering us all its functionality.
Use empty walls to place shelves and other storage systems. It is a crime to have an empty wall and space problems in one kitchen at a time.
If we are going to furnish the kitchen, we can consider the option of installing furniture that reaches the ceiling. In this way we will have much more space.
If you do not need a lot of storage space, the kitchen does not have to be crammed with furniture. A kitchen with less furniture is a kitchen with a much lighter and more pleasant appearance.
Whenever space allows us, we can improve the kitchen by adding an island. We will not know how advantageous it is, until we have installed it.
Primordial keep the kitchen organized and clean. However small it may be, if we keep it organized, it will not be overwhelming.
Do you have enough space on the walls? Create a beautiful decoration. This will make the stay in the kitchen pleasant.
Of course, adapt the space above the furniture to use it as a storage system.
The decoration is a very important part to keep in mind if we want to improve our life inside the kitchen. A well decorated kitchen, no matter how small, will always be pleasant.
Use the color white to create a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness.
Be smart and do not waste a hole. If we need space and we can put a shelf or shelf, we have the solution.


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